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Manchester Opera Project (MOP)
is an organisation dedicated to commissioning, developing and performing new opera and other works involving the dramatic use of the solo singing voice.
MOP was formed in 2014 by Emily Cobley, a mezzo soprano who has been singing professionally for 20 years with a special focus in singing new works. MOP began with an awareness that the composition of opera, above all, is exceedingly hard to create in a vacuum and that most current composers do not
have enough opportunities to develop new operas
in a supportive, quality environment
MOP’s mission is to create opportunities for composers to present developing operas and other singing-centred theatrical works in an interactive “opera lab” that allows the composer to come away with a sense of what is needed for the future development of the piece.
MOP is also dedicated to commissioning new pieces that explore new forms of opera as well as new approaches to older forms. MOP is also dedicated to the commission of new librettos and to forming connections between current poets and current composers.

Festival One

Emily Howard Cobley ~ Artistic Director
Tom Newall ~ Musical Director
Jonathan Higgins ~ Technical Director
Ailís Ní Riaín ~ Director, Break Down De Doom
Patrick Eakin Young ~ Director, Laura Sings (Oklahoma)
Matthew Fairclough ~ Electronics & Sound Design, Laura Sings (Oklahoma)
Tom Pieczora ~ Festival Repetiteur
Mark Cobley ~ Marketing Director and Designer


Thanks to:
Martin Glynn at Hallé St Peter’s
Ian Carrington at IABF
Lisa at The Kings Arms, Salford
St Augustine’s Church MMU
St Ann’s Church, Manchester
Red Ceilings Press
Alec Newman

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