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Crabtree (the libretto) 

Tom Jenks

A Bear  
& Steve Berry ~ Double Bass

Tom Jenks

Tom Jenks' collections of poetry include Items (if p then q), Spruce (Blart Books) and Sublunar (Oystercatcher Press). He has also published a spreadsheet translation of the Book of Genesis (The Tome of Commencement, Stranger Press), a database treatment of John Stuart Mill (On Liberty, Repressed, Knives Forks and Spoons Press) and a Twitter re-write of a 17th century book of medicine and philosophy (An Anatomy of Melancholy, Sad Press). He also co-organises The Other Room reading series and edits the avant objects imprint zimZalla.

Crabtree, a companion piece to this libretto, was published in 2014 by the Red Ceilings Press.

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Tom Jenks’ libretto, Crabtree, is an intense story of love, loss and betrayal in the highest tradition of operatic tragedy.  The emotionally complex Crabtree, huddled in the kimono of his dressing gown, his tender heart deceived by the ones he trusted most, is a Butterfly for our times: his final aria as affecting as the ‘mad song’ in Donizetti’s Lucia di Lammermoor.  This is a work that might move an audience to tears that only a superior brand of kitchen towel could deal with.”

Patricia Farrell


crabtree (the libretto)

Crabtree (the libretto)
Tom Jenks
Commissioned by
Manchester Opera Project

in partnership with
The Red Ceilings Press


THURSDAY 3 August |

Tickets: £2 in advance via Eventbrite
(£3 at the door)

The Red Ceilings Press

The Red Ceilings Press is a small, independent publisher based in New Mills, Derbyshire. Originally starting out as a poetry blog in 2009 it quickly expanded and started producing limited edition chapbbooks and free ebooks in 2011. It has now produced over 45 chapbooks and 60 ebooks and has had the privelege of introducing many new poetic voices to the world via its blog.

Crabtree (the libretto) will be the third of Tom Jenks' works to be published by the Red Ceilings Press.

A limited edition of Crabtree (the libretto) and a second limited edition of Crabtree will be available from the Red Ceilings Press website later in July and at the venue
on the evening of the performance.

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